WM Guitars is a specialist dealers in vintage and post vintage guitars. Open Saturdays 10am – 9pm (or) by appointment. Shop phone: 01803 868040 Customer support and helplines: 07733367639 (or) 07596086925
General Information.

Here at WM Guitars we believe that you as the customer deserves the best. We undergo repairs/services (From £55 for an acoustic and £75 for an electric)

Our set ups are differant from most shops, giving you detailed breakdown with full measurements of your guitar, we also strive to make sure your guitar stays personal to you, focusing on your style of playing and setting your guitar to what suits you best.

The only shop were our employees will sit down and study your style before doing any work, to make sure we get the most out of every guitar.

The shop doesn’t just stock guitars. We have a huge stock of effect pedals, amps, strings, spare parts, cables, cases (hard and soft) and cable adapters.