WM Guitars is a shop based in Dartington, Devon, England.

Founded by Mark Holyer and Walter Havinga in 2011, WM Guitars is a vintage guitar shop which specializes in collectors items such as: Maison, Fender, Gibson, Fenix, Parker, Kramer, Maverick, Gretsch, and effect units that include Boss and Alesis and many others.

After two years of hard work and effort the shop has finally opened, on the 16th June 2012.
The WM crew have created a real environment for the guitarist, personally hand picking every guitar from musicians and collectors from all over the world. Making sure you have great quality for even better prices!

The WM crew also undergo repairs, services, set-ups, restorations and modifications.
We stock our own branded quality spare parts and also stock strings, specialist strings, straps, effects pedals, capo’s, tuners, amps, cables, plectrums/picks and cable adapters etc.

We have taken our time to find every part needed for everything to customizing your guitar too make it personal to yourself, to specialist set ups and restorations.

Anyone who is interested in playing guitars, collecting guitars or just as a sound investment, from beginners to professionals you will be inspired and your knowledge of guitars will increase by every glance.

The only museum where you can pick a guitar up and have a go!

Our shop/showroom although really small it is packed to the roof with quality products, if it is not in the shop it is presumably in stock.

All guitars sold have 3 months warranty and have the full WM service and quality control.
The servicing undergoes, a full clean, polish, new strings, a full set-up (includes string height, intonation, relief and curvature of neck and frets) and a full check up including electrics.

Full detailed description of every service with all measurements and step by step walk-through of what we have done.

The shop is open on every Saturday from 10am – 9pm.
Or you can come by appointment.

The shop number: 01803 868040
Customer support and help: Mark @ 07733367639, Walter @ 07596086925