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We’re proud to announce that we are the largest mayson dealer in the UK

Mayson 'The duke'

The Mayson craftsmen team is formed by experienced artisans and guitar addicts: each staff member has had a background of years of guitar making. The smallest details are of influence on the final result and to create guitars ’the Mayson way’ it is extremely important that the eye of a luthier monitors every step. Technically skilled, they were ready for their task after one month of training, sharing Mayson philosophies which make our guitars stand out from the rest.

– Mayson Guitars

Stoney creek & de haan

Partner companies built by the same amazing team, extremely high quality guitars

Handmade in the Netherlands

de haan 'river'

De Plaats 'Melkema'

We took these images whilst visiting Walter’s uncles old farmhouse, now sold on to a new owner to try and preserve the building from collapsing. Due to near by fracking gas pockets formed underneath the house and the house is slowing sinking. Triangle structures were built to reduce this. The headstone on the centre top has the initials of the owners carved into it, totalling 3 generations of our family.

stoney creek 'flint'

autoban wagnigen

In Wagnigen, Netherlands there is a outdoor velodrome. A massive ring of concrete with this red lining. It’s been out of use for years now but when Walter was a child he used to race his friends on this track, messing around seeing how high up the bank they could get.

stoney creek 'rochelle'

guitar showcase