Handmade in Valencia, Spain. Esteve classical and flamenco guitars hold true to traditional craft. Try one out today at WM Gutiars.


Handmade by small makers

Our collection has been highly refined over the years, and all our guitars have been hand selected by us with quality in mind. We don’t aim to focus on quantity or to stock every brand we can - we look to provide you with only instruments that we believe have a high build quality, and the years of engineering behind us allow us uphold that standard. Bringing handmade, independent brands to the South West is something we take pride in, so we aim to establish personal connections with our suppliers; visiting the workshops, speaking with the luthiers, discussing their craft - making sure that every step we take goes toward finding the best instruments we can!


To bring the best instruments to the South West

Handmade in Bratislava, Slovakia. Dowina Guitars are honest, elegant and organic acoustic guitars. Staying true to traditions but with their own personal touch. Dowina Guitars are unparrelled in the market. Now available at WM Guitars.

Dowina Guitars

Handmade in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Dowina Guitars are a family based company with father Stan and daughter Erika manning the helm. They design unique body sizes and specialist construction techniques. Stan previously trained as a violin and cello luthier, he employs techniques like 'Tuning the Wood' as you would see in high end violins but implements them on his guitars.

Making sure they source sustainable wood stock is a key component to their business model and we can proudly say that Dowina supports Taylor Guitars 'The Ebony Project' in Africa - supporting sustainable ecosystems for all workers involved in the product!

Stoney Creek / De Haan Guitars

Handmade in Heiloo, Netherlands.

De Haan is a partner company with Stoney Creek Guitars. De Haan is the original company which now makes handmade, one of a kind acoustic and archtop guitars. Owner/Founder Frank De Haan has a team of dedicated luthiers and also runs a guitar making school. His acoustics are few and far between but if you can get your hands on one then count yourself lucky! They truly are a work of art.

"Stoney Creek Guitars stands for an honest hand built guitar. We have decided to work old school and make everything by hand which, apart from the fact that every guitar gets extra special attention, is great fun to do. Our guitars stand out by their amazing playability, use of special kinds of wood and authenticity. Each guitar is one of a kind and has been worked on with great craftsmanship and precision for detail. Stoney Creek guitars: Sophisticated hand built guitars for any guitar player who fancies something different."

- Frank De Haan

De Haan &
De Haan Rio Grande Guitar Full Body Back
De Haan Rio Grande Guitar Body Angled
De Haan Rio Grande Guitar Headstock Front
De Haan Rio Grande Guitar Headstock Back
De Haan Rio Grande Guitar Body
De Haan Rio Grande Guitar Body Back
De Haan Rio Grande Guitar Side
De Haan Rio Grande Guitar Detail

De Haan 'Rio Grande' Custom Mastergrade Acoustic Guitar (Bearclaw Spruce Top)

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The Rio Grande is the small jumbo inspired model by ‘de Haan Guitars’. With it’s elegant shoulders, it is a visually very attractive guitar. Because we like to compose the specs of the guitar in cooperation with the customer, all the specs as the kind of wood used, hardware, finish etc. are all open for discussion. In this way we can also achieve the sound you are looking for. This goes for all the guitars we build. The sound, playability and details are of our highest concerns. We can ensure you that your guitar will be build with utmost precision and attention for details.

Handmade in Valencia, Spain. Esteve classical and flamenco guitars hold true to traditional craft. Try one out today at WM Gutiars.


Handmade in Valencia, Spain.

Since their foundation in 1957, the quality and attention to detail Esteve bring, together with the incorporation of new technologies and the hard work of their craftsmen have made them company of international renown. With some of the best and most visually stunning classical guitars we've ever seen - Esteve really capture the the spirit of Spain all while bridging that difficult gap between artisanal tradition and modern building techniques.

FGN Guitars

Handmade in Matsumoto, Japan.

With over half a century of experience & passion building the highest quality instruments, FGN is considered the greatest guitar manufacturing company in Japan. Established in 1960, the legendary Fujigen factory has been manufacturing guitars and basses for the worlds leading companies. As the original manufacturer, FGN is largely responsible for the high quality and success of many of the worlds most respected brands.