WM Guitars | JOYO JF-18 Power Tune Pedal
WM Guitars | JOYO JF-18 Power Tune Pedal
WM Guitars | JOYO JF-18 Power Tune Pedal

JOYO JF-18 Power Tune Pedal

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The JOYO Power Tune delivers a compact and convenient way to combine all the essential tools of the guitarists pedalboard that enable it to all happen. The JOYO Power tune is a True Bypass guitar pedal tuner and guitar effect pedal power supply, with built in noise isolating filters.

The JF-18 Power Tune combines both power supply and tuner into one amazing product, saving space and eliminating ground loop noise at the same time.

The POWER section features filtered low noise outputs with short circuit and over current protection. Six outputs give you the standard 100ma 9v centre negative power you will need for most of your standard guitar effect pedals on your board, whilst two additional outputs can deliver a whopping 500ma. The two 500ma 9v centre negative outputs will cover even the most demanding digital effects units, or can be used to power multiple pedals with a supplied daisy chain.

The TUNE section delivers chromatic tuning via the large LED screen, which is easy to see in any lighting condition.

The tuner uses a technologically impressive rapid chromatic tuning algorithm, ensuring fast and responsive note detection for any electric guitar or bass player. 

There is no need to worry about your guitar signal running though the power supply, we have made sure that there is no crosstalk noise or hum, the switching adapter stays cool and does not get hot unlike many other guitar power supplies.

We also include 8 DC power chords to connect to your pedals, 2 polarity reversing cables and a daisy chain to power 4 pedals off the 500ma output..

The JOYO pedal board in the picture is entirely powered by the Power Tune, count them up that's 14 pedals with no noise!. We did that using the daisy chain Included in the box. A daisy chain cable which lets you power 4 pedals from one of the Powertunes outputs. The 500ma output is perfect for this, you must make sure that any pedal, or daisy powered pedals do not exceed the ma draw of the output you connect to. The small ironman pedalss only draw about 80ma each so that is 4 x 80ma. The total of the daisy chain power requirements is 320ma, they are connected to the 500ma ouput.

In total you have:

  • 8 x DC 9v outputs
  • 2 x 500mA, 6 x 100mA (centre negative). Some pedals require more than 100ma, so in that case alway use the ma output that exceeds the draw of the pedal. Check your pedal ma.


Tuning Parameters

  1. Input : 1/4 mono port
  2. Output : 1/4 mono port
  3. Tuning Range :12Hz-4186Hz
  4. Working voltage: DC9v (centre negative).
  5. Running current: DC120mA.

Power Parameters

  1. Input voltage for adapter: AC100 -240v.
  2. One DC9v input, 2A input (centre negative).
  3. 9 x DC 9v outputs, 2 x 500mA, 6 x 100mA (centre negative).
  4. Filtered short-circuit and over current protection.
  5. Includes JP-03 filtered UK power supply adaptor.
  6. 8 x DC power cables.
  7. 2 x polarity reversing cables.

In The Box

  • Power Tune
  • Power Supply x JP-03
  • Pedal Power Cables x 8
  • 2 x polarity reversing cables
  • Daisy Chain for 4 pedals (use the 500ma output)

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