Nicolas Scott Smallman Classical Guitar Full Body Front
Nicolas Scott Smallman Classical Guitar Full Body Back
Nicolas Scott Smallman Classical Guitar Body Angled
Nicolas Scott Smallman Classical Guitar Headstock Front
Nicolas Scott Smallman Classical Guitar Headstock Back
Nicolas Scott Smallman Classical Guitar Body
Nicolas Scott Smallman Classical Guitar Side
Nicolas Scott Smallman Classical Guitar Detail

Nicolas Scott Handmade Smallman Classical Guitar (Pre-Owned)

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PRE OWNED: Great condition with Hiscox hardcase - see disclaimer below. 

Greg Smallman design made by UK luthier Nicholas Scott. 

Where to start with this one.... 

Fully handmade in Chesterfield, UK. Nicholas Scott takes on the challenge of replicating the guitars of Greg Smallman, a world renowned classical guitar innovator and luthier from Austrailia. 

Greg Smallman was a pioneer of lattice bracing and/or double tops. Both ideas had been around since the 1800's but were never found in the mainstream. 

Lattice bracing, in short form is where the top of the guitar is braced with a chessboard type pattern consiting of lot of little squares instead of the common fan bracing. This means your adding a lot more bracing but in-turn you can make these braces a lot smaller than usual. Also becuase the pressure is spread out evenly accross this chessboard pattern it can hold more tension meaning you can make the top wood a LOT thinner. This is the point behind the lattice bracing, thin top wood with even spread will make the instrument a lot louder.

Double top... or as Nicholas calls it a Rigid Internal Frame. The back and sides are laminated with carbon fiber (the wood is solid with carbon fibre affixed to the internals) The back and side carbon lamination holds the internal structure in place. This structure maintains the shape of the body over time but also makes certain spots completely rigid. This isolates the soundboard / top to vibrate feely on it's own. The tonal experiance is truely unique and makes the guitar quite 'loudspeaker' like. 

Due to this internal structure the guitar is very heavy in comparison to a standard classical guitar but it is seriously loud and well balanced in tone and weight. 

Armrest aids in comfort but is also fitted without putting any pressure on the active top wood meaning you wont get any tonal degredation with it installed. 

This is truely a stunning guitar and such a joy to experiance.

Condition Disclaimer:
One small hairline crack to the top near the armrest which has been professionally repaired. The neck has also been 'thinned' slightly reshaped to make it more comfortable. Both these repairs were undergone by Brooke Guitars and both repairs are of high quality, the neck reshape is impossible to see! Please look at photos carefully.


Top Wood

Solid Cedar (1.8mm thick)

Back & Sides

Solid Ziricote

Lattice Bracing

Carbon Fibre on Balsa Wood

Double Top

Carbon Fibre

Internal Structure

Carbon Fibre



Neck Reinforcement






Nut & Saddle



Hand Inlayed with Natural Woods

Headstock Faceplate


Heel Cap


Nut Width


Scale Length

25 1/2”

Body Depth 


£100 value added setup included

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