Suhr Shiba Drive Pedal (Pre Owned)
Suhr Shiba Drive Pedal (Pre Owned)
Suhr Shiba Drive Pedal (Pre Owned)
Suhr Shiba Drive Pedal (Pre Owned)

Suhr Shiba Drive Pedal (Pre Owned)

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Pre owned - great condition.

The Suhr Shiba Drive is an incredibly smooth overdrive pedal. It delivers a great blues rock tone used over a clean sound and a incredible boost when used in front of some dirt. The excellent midrange focus keeps your guitar audible in a big mix and adds a dash of tasteful character.

Three Way Voicing

What makes this pedal so unique is the three position Smooth switch. Select one of three different tone voicings, each with their own subtle effect The middle position is a straight forward natural and open sounding overdrive perfect in nearly every situation. To the left you get a slight high-end roll off which offers more warmth - great for single coil guitars. And to the right is a deep high-end roll off which turns this into a sustain machine with extra punch.

Front End Boost or Pure Overdrive

No matter whether you just want to boost your signal for a solo or need an overdrive pedal to handle all the grit, the Shiba works amazing in both situations. If you need a new drive pedal for any style you can not go wrong with the Shiba.

  • Power connector: 9vdc, center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
  • Operating voltage: 4v to 18v (nominal 9v)
  • Reverse battery protection: yes
  • Over voltage protection: yes
  • Current consumption: 8ma
  • Estimated battery life: 75 – 100 hours of continuous use
  • Dimensions: 2.5”(w) x 4.5”(d) x 1.25”(h)
  • Weight:  0.75lb
  • FX link connector: 1/8" mono
  • Shield → tip: activate pedal

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