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Rocktron Reaction Phaser Pedal

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Rocktron's Reaction pedals feature metal enclosures built to absorb maximum punishment while taking up minimal pedalboard space and include True Bypass switching. 

A rock-solid choice for basic phasing needs, the Reaction Phaser is a super simple pedal with a fixed depth and and mix, you just set the Speed control of the effect and you're ready to go. Slower speeds allow a more subtle, classic sound for funk or psychedelic rock while fast times are capable of pushing your tone into ray gun territory for more experimental outings. 

A phaser is one of those effects that does not have a stringent placement within the signal chain. Some players love it first in the chain, while others like it after the distortion. Some even love it at the end of the chain.

Placing the Reaction Phaser first in the chain in front of your distortion or directly into your amp will produce a grainy, gritty effect that adds excitement to your playing. Conversely, if placed after your distortion pedal, or within the effects loop of an amp, it will produce a smoother effect. Experiment and find what works best for you.

You ain’t talkin’ about phasers unless your talking about the Reaction Phaser! It’s that classic phaser sound with true bypass to boot.

The footswitch on the Reaction Phaser controls On/Off status as shown by the LED indicator. Reaction stomp boxes run on a 9V Alkaline battery, or may also be powered by Rocktron’s DC OnTap Universal Power Supply adaptor.

Maximum Input: -7dBu
Maximum Output: -3dBu
Imput Impedance: 470kΩ
Output Impedance: 10kΩ
Current Consumption: 20mA
Power Requirements: 9V Alkaline Battery or Rocktron DC OnTap Univeral Power Supply (sold seperately) Negative tip
Dimensions: 125mm x 78mm x 61mm, 5” x 3.25” x 2.5”
Weight: 0.7kg. 1.5lbs

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