the workshop


Our workshop team totals over 50 years experience in engineering and precision work.
Led by Walter, the WM workshop can handle all repairs large or small. 
With Walters previous history in carpentry and engineering (motoring industry) we have been able to develop a training scheme which covers everything needed to perform the perfect restorations and repairs. 

The second technician Ryan, Walters son has been trained from a young age to use heavy machinery, tooling and is now well versed in carpentry and metal restoration. Now working together to create their own tooling and setting a new standard to what we know as guitar repairs.

Demetri has gone through our extensive training process over the last year, as gruelling as it was we can see a real good asset to the team and we look forward to our customers getting to know him and his work! 

the breakdown

Our industry is run by people who tinker and never measure…. 

As we have engineering backgrounds this is completely un-natural for us. We always measure three times before we do anything.

So after years of development we’re proud to be able to offer our setup sheet.

This sheet covers a full breakdown of your instrument, pre-setup and post-setup. This means if you don’t like what we do we can always set it back to how it was on warranty! That’s a rare guarantee for this industry.

The Breakdown:

Curvature: The curve/radius of the Fretboard, Frets, Nut and Saddle (we measure the curvature of the strings on the nut and saddle to make sure they match the curve of the frets and fretboard.

Relief: This is your truss rod setting. We have developed a fool proof way of measuring the relief of the neck whilst under tension. This will be able to tell us exactly how the neck is set, if there are any twists and how bad the twists are. 

String Height 12th Fret: This is what most people will look at when they talk about action.

String Height 1st Fret: This measures the height of the nut slots 

Pickup Heights: We measure the heights and will pan/balance out pickups with each setup.

Intonation: Intonation is tuned with Peterson tuners which work to a +/- 1 cent accuracy. Intonation means setting the octave of the string to the exact pitch of the open string, meaning the rest of the neck will maintain its tuning.

We have recently updated this sheet to contain scale length and string gauge, it’s always being monitored for improvements and we have some exciting plans with this sheet! 

the woodworker & good woodworking magazine

the woodworker & good woodworking magazine q&a

1. What is it – and where is it? 

a not big enough workshop above my guitar shop, in Ashburton, Devon.

2. What’s the best thing about it?

It’s full of beautiful guitars, and everyday I get to meet beautiful people.

3. And what’s the worst?

The folk who walk in with some rubbish they’ve bought off eBay, and want me to transform it into something special.

4. How important is it to you?

It’s 50% of my business; the shop is the other 50%

5. What do you make in it?

Bespoke items, often not otherwise available, and often for vintage instruments.

6. What is your favourite workshop tip?

I try hard to be realistic, but to make sure everybody has their expectations exceeded. 

7. What’s your best piece of kit?

I love my 3D printer.

8. If your workshop caught fire, what one thing would you rescue?

It would have to be a guitar, but which one? It changes all the time.

9. What’s your biggest workshop mistake?

Employing a man with ‘experiance’

10. What the nicest thing you’ve ever made.

An old guy in his 70’s brought in an ancient guitar he’d learned to play as a child. It was completely smashed, but three

months later, after I’d rebuilt it, he strummed a chord and broke down crying. 

11. And what’s the worst?

Occasionally I lovingly repair a vintage instrument and then see it dismantled into parts for sale – eBay again.

bespoke parts

We handcraft bespoke parts, made to order to specification. 

Contact us if you need a certain part you can’t find or if you’d like something special made! 

Ask us for what materials we have in stock!

lr baggs fitting (timelapse)

Our favourite units are by far LR Baggs. You pay slightly more for the unit but it’s completely off set by the super low fitting costs. Simple and fun fitting and amazing tones to be had! Check them out if your looking to electrify your instrument! 

All LR Baggs units are available to order from us.