Baldwin Chevelle Moserite Fuzz

Baldwin Chevelle Moserite Fuzz Pedal

Who doesn't want a Moserite Fuzz Pedal built into a 1970's Baldwin Motion Chevelle diecast model car with opening doors, opening bonet, detailed engine and steerable front wheels? 

I will assume that you do if your reading this! 

  • Model by ERTL Collectables 
  • 1970 Baldwin Chevelle Die-Cast Model
  • 1:18 Scale Limited Edition 
  • Moserite Fuzz Circuitry 
  • Input/Output mounted in the left & right doors
  • On/Off switch with light mounted in the roof
  • Pedal controls mounted on the boot (trunk)

The back of the box reads:


In 1967 Joel Rosen of Brooklyn NY, joined forces with Baldwin Chevrolet and together created the legendary Baldwin Motion specialty shop. The legend started with the "Fantastic Five" which included the Camaro®, Chevelle, Chevy IP", Corvette® and Biscayne all with 427 power and Motions special tuning.

Customers were standing in line to purchase cars from Baldwin Chevrolet and have Motion work them over. The cars were then invoiced as new and even carried a limited warranty. Joel Rosen gave a warranty of his own; if one of his Phase lll big block cars could not turn a quarter mile in the 11s, he would refund the customers money and take the car back.

The Baldwin-Motion legend lives on with this Phase Ill 1970 Chevelle featuring a 454 engine, traction bars, side pipes and outrageous Baldwin Motion stripes."


And then someone went a little crazy a chucked a fuzz pedal in it...


That's just the kinda crazy we love here at WM 


Written by:
Ryan Havinga