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Baldwin Chevelle Moserite Fuzz
Who doesn't want a Moserite Fuzz Pedal built into a 1970's Baldwin Motion Chevelle diecast model car with opening doors, opening bonet, detailed engine and steerable front wheels?  I will assume that you do if your reading this!  Model by...
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1962 Fenton Weill Bell Carousel
Advertisement reads:  Bell Carousel Model 1920 "A new slim-line cutaway guitar of outstanding quality. Highly polished sunburst finished body with double white purfling on front and back. Spliced and reinforced neck, inlaid fingerboard, seperate machine heads, ajustable bridge and manual...
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1964 Teisco 'Orbit Four' SS4L (Version 5)
This Teisco was branded 'Orbit Four' for the UK Market spesifically back between 1962-64. Featuring four gold foil single coil pickups, hence the four in orbit four. Most came in sunburst and with a variety of different pickup conbinations. The...
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1976 Antoria Gemini-4 Double Neck
  Antoria Gemini-4 double neck bass/electric guitar There's not a lot of information on this guitar but we've all seen an Antoria S type, we know what they are and this one is definatly worth the 7 1/2 kilo of...
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1835 Triple Necked Harp Guitar
Triple-necked guitar in the style of Bernard Enzensperger. Bernard Enzensperger was a luthier based in Vienna, Austria back in the early 1800's. His instruments were of fine, handmade quality and carry noterity in the world of handmade musical instruments of...
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