Moor Trees is an independent charity dedicated to restoring native woodland on Dartmoor and in South Devon.  They aim to improve the environment and connect people with their forest heritage.

Here at WM Guitars we're proud to say that we support Moor Trees, a local tree planting and woodland preserving charity based in South Brent, Devon. Around 1 mile away from our lovely Dartmoor store! This charity focuses on replanting the local flora in and around Dartmoor. As we sell products made from wood we really want to be able to give back to replanting the wood we take. We're proud to say that this is our first step in doing so! By supporting us your also in-turn supporting Moor Tree's ambition to replant Dartmoor & Devon.

With your support you are helping to provide 2 nursery beds of soil funded by us - this will be the planting of over 132 saplings, and in turn will offset 66 tonnes of CO2!