engineering focused

With over 50 years experiance, our small workshop and the small team have made a real big noise in the industry.
Redefining what guitar repairs mean. Taking a pure engineering approach and leaving nothing to chance, there's no magic here!



We measure everything up before we do anything so you know where your guitar was when you brought it in to us.
This not only shows you what we do but gives us the opportunity to backtrack anything.

We take the time to discover customers preffered setup measures so we can use these as referance points in future work. By knowing what is happening with your guitar you will also be able to make more educated guitar purchases in future!

All of our work comes with a 3 month warranty.


1-2 Week Turnaround on setups


Fast delivery and collection

1-2 Week Turnaround

A lot of guitar shops don't account for acclimation or settling. We have based our entire workflow around this one exact point.
Our storage is maintained at the perfect humidity and all guitars get a 48 hour acclimation period before repair. Once the repair is complete they go into a 24 hour settling period and the measures are checked and any ajustments made if needed.

Changing tensions on a guitar is what a setup is all about, less so about the height of the string and more about how you manipulate the tensions. This defines the way a guitar 'feels' rather than the way it plays. Changing the tensions dramatically can stress the wood and it's this stress that can cause the wood to 'settle' or change over a period of time. This is why we have put in place the proceedures that we follow.

Glueing in frets

Pressing in frets

Setting up the fretting jig

WM Workstation's

Yeh they may not look that pretty but they do a cracking job and that's what counts! Every instrument that comes in get's treated as equals.

This workstation is a custom design by us to be able to fit any shape of size of instrument either flat or on their side.

All instruments can be worked on without being rested on the bench, avoiding a lot of finish problems.


Massive tool walls


Customise & create

We don't just setup guitars but we have a passion for creation. We make custom parts and blend both old school and new school techniques to create something truely full of passion and replicable. Our handmade bone nut's & saddles can be made out of several types of different bone for differing timbre and they are all hand cut out of blanks. Each one is unique and made spesifically for that guitar.

This is only an example of what can be possible and we're constantly experimenting to be able to offer more unique services in our workshop.

Marking the nut slots

Shaping a bone saddle

Roughing the nut slots

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The tooling

with an engineering focus our tools are key in what we are able to offer. Check out some of our specialist tools here.

the tooling

the team

With very little credited courses or trainers in the repair and maintainance industry we take our time to train our team from scratch. Check out our team and what they get up to!

the team

the pricelist

We have a comprehensive set of services available. From small to large jobs and anything inbetween. Check it out here.

the pricelist



The bridge on one of my guitars had come completely loose and needed some pretty serious work to make it right. These guys have done an absolutely amazing job! It’s literally good as new! The guys are really friendly, knowledgeable and passionate. I have full confidence in them and will be bringing my other guitars in for repair work and setups! It’s also a really nice shop with unique and interesting guitars!

Lawrence Fitzpatrick

I brought in my sons Gibson Guitar which he has had in storage for over 5 years due to working overseas. WM gave the guitar the full works and it now looks and plays magnificently, they kept me informed about everything that was required in terms I could understand and delivered it back to me in pristine condition. It is now ready to return to my son for Christmas this year. Wonderful small team of wonderful people.

Leslie RItson

Fabulous restoration of a beloved 1972 Gretsch Chet Atkins. Never looked or sounded so good! Thanks to Ryan for amazing service...we'll be back!

Tim Clifford

Recently had the nut replaced and a playability setup done on my Gibson songwriter. Excellent job was done and the setup adjusted to how I like it the guitar now sounds and plays beautifully. Really good service would recommend using these guys they know what they are talking about.

Stephen Gosling

Brilliant friendly service. I bought a new Fender Strat about 4 months ago on-line (big mistake) that was buzzing and really quite unplayable. I took it into WM Guitars and they set it up beautifully. It's like a different instrument. I highly recommend the service. Oh and if you are buying a new guitar, buy one from them where you can sit in the shop and try it out rather than buying on-line where you don't know what you're going to get.

Pete Langford

A rare for me 5* review. what an absolute little gem of a shop this is, full of beautiful guitars and wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful staff. I took my Rickenbacker 360 in for a full service and re-string and it was returned looking like a brand new instrument. If you play and love guitar then its an absolutely essential stop. It came in cheaper than the price they quoted and they even called me to ask what strings I wanted. Fabulous and I'm a customer for life

Julian Lawrence-Ball

Had my Lr Baggs Anthem installed by these guys and I could not be happier!!! Thank you WM guitars for impeccable service and attention to detail.. you took the time to do the job 100% and only charged bare minimal .. WOW !!!💪😉🤙 Thank you!!!

Malleable Stragedy