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1964 Teisco 'Orbit Four' SS4L (Version 5)

1964 Teisco 'Orbit Four' SS4L (Version 5) - WM Guitars

WM Guitars Ltd |

This Teisco was branded 'Orbit Four' for the UK Market spesifically back between 1962-64. Featuring four gold foil single coil pickups, hence the four in orbit four.

Most came in sunburst and with a variety of different pickup conbinations. The Orbit Four was spesifcally the 4 pickup configuration and seeing these in solid colours are much rarer than the sunbursts. 

Solid Mahogany Body
Wine Red Finish (original finish)
Rosewood Fingerboard
4 Single Coil, Gold Foil Pickups with Ajustable Pole Pieces
Shark Fin Vibrato (which was designed to bend down chords and stay in tune)
Adjustable Truss Rod, Access through the neckplate.

This was one of the high end models of Teisco guitars of it's time. There were 10 variations of construction of these models during this time. Each model featured an on/off switch per pickup and tone switch for each pair. The first versions had a set neck and the later ones had bolt on necks. Our Orbit Four is the later version with a bolt on neck.

The Version 5 model Teisco was the first of the line to feature an ajustable truss rod which was accessed by removing a plate just under the neck plate. The plate read 'To Ajust' with an arrow. This style of truss rod was only used by Teisco for a short amount of time but would later be used by guyatone and yamaha. 

These models of Teisco are getting increasingly popular and have grown a large follwing in recent years between both musicians and collectors. 

This guitar is part of our private collection at WM Guitars.

Written by: 
Ryan Havinga