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Rocktron Reaction Super Charger Pedal

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Rocktron's Reaction pedals feature metal enclosures built to absorb maximum punishment while taking up minimal pedalboard space and include True Bypass switching. 

For classic overdrive tones, Rocktron has designed the Reaction Super Charger. Built to deliver a vintage, mid-heavy drive with extended sustain, a Drive control let's you control the amount of saturation, a Tone pot let's you roll of the highs and a Level knob adjusts the overall output. A top notch choice for blues and classic rock riffs. 

Control knobs for the Rocktron Super Charger include Gain, which controls the amount of Overdrive you want. Tone controls the amount of highs. Level determines Output Volume. Even a swamp rat could handle this stompbox.

Does your amp need a kick in the pants? The Reaction Super Charger will make your amp's built-in distortion scream. Looking to add some edge to your crunch tone? The Super Charger will provide that much needed "bite" and "growl" that will push the edge of the envelope.

Whatever style you play, from blues to heavy rock, you can benefit with a little "Super Charging." The Rocktron Reaction Super Charger overdrive reacts to your playing nuances while adding just enough warmth without being brash, all the while sporting an extra dose of gain just in case it is needed. Take your sound to new places and add the Reaction Super Charger overdrive to your setup.

The footswitch on the Reaction Super Charger pedal controls On/Off status as shown by the LED indicator. Reaction stomp boxes run on a 9V alkaline battery, or may also be powered by Rocktron's DC OnTap Universal Power Supply adaptor.

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