Mayson BM5 Spruce Baritone Acoustic
Mayson BM5 Spruce Baritone Acoustic
Mayson BM5 Spruce Baritone Acoustic
Mayson BM5 Spruce Baritone Acoustic
Mayson BM5 Spruce Baritone Acoustic
Mayson BM5 Spruce Baritone Acoustic
Mayson BM5 Spruce Baritone Acoustic

Mayson BM5 Spruce Baritone Acoustic

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This baritone guitar will conquer every guitarist's heart in just a split second. The standard tuning is from B to b, a fourth lower than a standard guitar. It will add a completely new voice in an acoustic band and will yield new territory to a solo fingerstyle player. Even open tunings works well with this new Mayson guitar! The bigger Grand Marquis body shape combined with the longer scale length ensure a full and precise low end.

Includes a deluxe gigbag.


What if one could change guitar making concepts, concepts recognised for over 150 years by thousands of luthiers and players? For what seems perfect today can be better tomorrow. However, to improve tomorrow we need to recognise our past and adapt today.

Guitar making concepts to this day largely remain determined by the evolution of the flattop acoustic which began in the late 1800’s. Whilst remaining loyal to this legacy, Mayson have re-considered every aspect of the process, mindful of the possibilities of todays technology. Mayson bring this ’NASA meets Stradivarius’ approach all the way back to the designing table, re-inventing each part of the acoustic guitar.


Head designer Alex Wang worked on the Mayson philosophy for years before the production line came to life. He re-invented the acoustic guitar, combining the soul of old fashioned luthier skills with the accuracy and consistency of modern hi-tech machinery. F
rom changes as simple as embedding the machine head plates into the headstock - eliminating the possibility of sideways rotation as result of string tension, to redesigning the neck-body joint allowing better resonance of the top as well as a more stable fingerboard, Mayson guitars are made by use of visible and non-visible technical concepts that greatly improve sound, stability, strength and aesthetics.

£100 value added setup included

Guitars are shipped between 1-2 weeks from purchase.

All guitars are first setup to customers requirements prior to shipping.

All guitars are supplied with a full setup worksheet with their instruments measurments and workshop checklist.

The highest level of care is taken with every setup prior to dispach and our quality control means that every guitar shipped will be perfect!

body style Mayson Marquis Cutaway
top wood Solid Engelmann Spruce
back and sides wood Rosewood
neck wood Mahogany 
fingerboard wood Rosewood
bridge wood Rosewood
body finish Glossy
neck finish Satin
pickguard Transparent
machine heads Mayson nickel 372-AS